2020 :
Sugar shack at La Petite Coulée on March 15, 2020

2019 :

Sugar shack at the Chalet des Érables on April 7, 2019

Exposition "Le Grand Chemin Royal de la Colonie" of Raymond Gervais
at The Maison de la Culture in Montreal Pointe-aux-Trembles
From left to right : Louise Racette, Claude Racette, Nicole Sénécal Racette, Sherry Simard-Racette, Daniel Lecocq, Raymond Gervais, Michel Racette

2018 :
Grand Meeting in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton on September 15, 2018

AGA 2018 Executif board from left to right, François Racette (vice-president), Mario Racette (director), Claude Racette (secretary-treasurer), Michel Racette (president), Sherry Simard-Racette (director), Nicole Sénécal Racette (director)

AGA 2018 buffet

New Execufive Board 2018-2020, from left to right :
 François Racette (vice-president), Sherry Simard-Racette (director),
Mario Racette (director), Nicole Sénécal Racette (director),
Claude Racette (secretary-treasurer), Louise Racette-Lecocq (director),
Michel Racette (president)

Old presbytery change in restaurant and hotel

Entrance to the Calvary

Sugar shack on 04/08/2018 at Mario Racette's place in Saint-Lin-Laurentides

2017 :

Lecture by Sylvain Racette on Racette de L'Assomption at the Christian-Roy Library in L'Assomption on December 16, 2017

Presentation of Sylvain Racette by Michel Racette, president

Attendance at the conference

Show at La Chasse-Galerie de Lavaltrie with Geneviève Racette, Saturday night, the 28th of October

From left to right : Michel Racette (president), Nicole Sénécal Racette (administrator), Colette Racette (member), Geneviève Racette (artist), Sylvain Racette (editor & administrator)

General meeting of September 24, 2017 at the Christian-Roy Library of L'Assomption City

2016 :
August 13, 2016 Grand meeting

Annual General Assembly

From left to right : Mario S Racette (St-Roch-Ouest Mayor), Pierre LaSalle (St-Jacques Mayor)
Michel J.P. Racette (Racette Family Association President).

Fêtes Gourmandes de Lanaudière Shuttle

Fêtes Gourmandes de Lanaudière Site

St-Jacques Church Visit

Christian Morisonneau Conference

From left to right : Michel J.P. Racette (Racette Family Association President), Pierre-Luc Bellerose,
Pierre LaSalle (St-Jacques Mayor), Mario S. Racette (St-Roch-Ouest Mayor).

2016 St-Jacques Meeting Group Picture

2015 :

Diner at Mario S. Racette sugar shack on Sunday March 29, 2015

2014 :

350th Anniversary of the Arrival of Jean Rasset in Nouvelle France and tenth Grand Meeting

2013 :

General Assembly of September 29, 2013

At the Table, from left to right : Claude M. Racette (secretary-treasurer), Jacques A. Racette (administrator), Sylvain L. Racette (president), Mario S. Racette (administrator), François A. Racette (vice-president)

Sugar schack on March 10, 2013 :

The Racettes showed once again that they had a sweet tooth. Forty of them attended the brunch organized by the Rasset Family Association on March 10, 2013, at the sugar shack Mycalin in Saint-Alexis de Montcalm. The organizers did not expect to see so many people. Fortunately there were still a few places available. It was sunny, the temperature was pleasant and the food was as usual delicious. The brunch ended outside around bins filled of snow with participants enjoying sugar taffy.

2012 :

General Assembly of September 8, 2012 :
from left to right, Claude M. Racette, secretary-treasurer; Jean-Guy A. Racette, administrator, Sylvain L. Racette, president, Mario S. Racette, administrator and François A. Racette, vice-president

2010-2011 :

General Assembly of October 16, 2011 :
from left to right, Claude M. Racette, secretary-tresurer; Sylvain L. Racette, president

Pictures of the Sugar Schack on April 2, 2011

Grand Meeting of August 7, 2010
2008-2009 :

Executive Concil 2008-2009 :
from left to right, André P. Racette (administrator), Alain Racette (administrator), Claude M. Racette (secretary-treasurer), Lise Racette (administrator), Sylvain Racette (President), François Racette (Vice-president), Jean-Guy Racette (administrator).

2007 :

Executive Council 2007-2008 :
from left to right, Sylvain Racette (administrator and editor of the journal), François Racette (vice-president), Lise Racette (president), André P. Racette (administrator), Claude M. Racette (secretary-treasurer). Jean-Guy Racette (administrator) and Yves Racette (administrator) are absent.

2006-2007 :

Executive Coucil 2006-2007 :
from left to right, Jean-Guy Racette (administrator), Claude M. Racette (secretary-treasurer), Lise Racette (president), François Racette (vice-president), Yves Racette (administrator), Sylvain Racette (administrator and editor of the journal), Jean-Louis Racette (administrator).

2005-2006 :

Executive Council 2005-2006 :
from left to right, Claude M. Racette (secretary-treasurer), Sylvain Racette (administrator and editor of the journal), Yves Racette (president), Lise Racette (vice-president), Jean-Guy Racette (administrator), Jean-Louis Racette (administrator), François Racette (administrator).

2005 :

Presentation of the first Jean-Rasset prize given by Yves Racette, president, to Marc-André Bernard, grand-son of Lorraine Racette on October 23rd, 2005 at Hull.
From left to right, Georges-Etienne Rochon (grand-father of Marc-André Bernard), Serge Bernard (father of Marc-André), Nicolas Bernard (the brother of Marc-André), Yves Racette (our president), Marc-André Bernard (the recipient of Jean-Rasset 2005 Prize), Lorraine Racette-Rochon (the grand-mother of Marc-André), Sylvie Rochon (the mother of Marc-André, daugther of Lorraine and Georges-Étienne).

2003 :

Sugar Shack "Au Gré des Saisions" at Oka (Québec)

On April 13, the family gets together in the warm ambience of that Sugar Shack, followed by the all you can eat maple syrup on snow. After the meal, everybody visits the animals on the premises and takes the ride on the horse drawn carriage.

Brunch followed by a General Assembly at Auberge du Vieux Foyer at Val-David (Québec)

On September 28, 2003, at 12:30, the family enjoy a lavish brunch followed at 2 PM by the General Assembly. After the current affairs, the Assembly made a proposal to thank Sylvain Racette, the past-president, and to congratulate him on his recent marriage to Colette on September 27, 2003.

There were elections for three positions on the administration board. Lorraine Racette-Rochon was elected as a new administrator and Claude was confirm as existing secretary-treasurer and Jean-Guy as existing administrator.

First Participation of the Rasset Family Association to the Salon des Familles souches, First Edition, from October 18 and 19, 2003 at the Complexe Desjardins of Montreal

The Family Associations of the Fédération des Familles souches québécoises showed the most interest in the exhibition. Contacts were made between each other.

Rasset family boot with Claude M. Racette and his spouse.

Hommage to the previous President, Sylvain Racette

Sunday November 30, 2003, the Racette family got together in Laval to thank the previous president, Sylvain Racette for his good services. It is during this happy brunch that the Association gave him a very nice carafe.

From left to right : Claude M. Racette, Sylvain Racette, André F. Racette


Grand Meeting at St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Quebec) on the August 10 and 11

About 250 members return to their roots, ten years after the First Grand Meeting in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures. After the brunch the next day at Manoir de Neuville, the General Assembly elect a new board. The members are
André F. Racette (president), Yves Racette (vice-president), Claude M. Racette (secretary-treasurer), Louise Rochon, Jean-Guy Racette, Ronald Racette, François Racette (all administrator).

Reception of the Grand Meeting in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures from August 10 and 11, 2002 : Claude M. Racette (Secretary-treasurer) with Sherry Simard (spouse).

Administration Board at the General Assembly on August 11, 2002 at Manoir de Neuville :
from left to right: Louise Rochon, Claude T. Racette, Jean-Guy Racette, Jacques Racette, Sylvain Racette et Claude M. Racette

2001 :

Sugar Party at Entrelacs (Quebec) on Sunday April 8.

The Sugar Party at Érablière aux Deux Pierrots was so popular that the Racette members had to separate into two servings because the shack was limited to 55 persons.

Some participants.

Presenting a plaque of thanks and a picture frame
 painted by Émilie Racette by Sylvain Racette (president)
to André P. Racette (outgoing vice-president).

On September 30th at Arundel, a brunch followed by the Annual General Meeting was attended by 35 members on this splendid autumn day.

2000 :

Fourth Grand Meeting of the family at Orléans, near Ottawa (Ontario)

On August 19, 2000, around 150 people assist to the first meeting outside of the Province of Quebec. The next day, the brunch followed by the General Assembly was a real success.

Administration Board 2000-02 :
from left to right :Dr. Claude M. Racette, sec-treasurer; Sylvain L. Racette, president, Jacques A. Racette, v-president; administrators : Louise Rochon, Jean-Guy Racette, Claude T. Racette, Ronald Racette


Third Regional Activity, recital at Joliette (Quebec)

Concert from the American soprano Patricia Racette in the Festival of de Lanaudière. Twenty Racette members meet the artist after the show and give her flowers and a gift on behalf of the Association.

Trip to France and visit of the village where Jean Rasset was born, Ste-Geneviève-en-Bray

Unveiling of a commemorative bronze plate dedicated to Jean Rasset at the town hall of Ste-Geneviève with the presence of numerous personalities, followed by a supper with the Racettes from America and their cousins from France.

Reception at the town hall of Ste-Geneviève-en-Bray and a speech from André Rasset,
president of the Association of Rasset in France.

Solange Racette and Émilie Racette with opera singer Patricia Racette at the Opera de la Bastille, in Paris.

1998 :

Third Grand Family Meeting at Saint-Lin/Ville des Laurentides (Quebec)

More than 175 participants. Banquet and dance. Planning of the trip to France.

Creation of the Jean-Rasset Bursary for successful candidates in school and to encourage post-secondary studies.

Administration Board 1998-2000 :
 from left to right on the first row :
Louise Rochon, Raymonde Racette, André P. Racette, Claude T. Racette,
second row : Claude M. Racette, Jacques Racette, Sylvain Racette

1997 :

Second regional activity: the commemorative plate in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Quebec)

Unveiling of a bronze plate to the memory of Jean Rasset at the ancestral land with the Quebec Minister of Agriculture. The Association bulletin will now be called « Le Rasset ».

The Inauguration Ceremony with François Racette on the site which
 faces the settlement land in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

1996 :

Second Grand Reunion of the family Racette in St-Jacques-de-Montcalm (Quebec) :

Mechoui and country celebration in the Lanaudière Region, second birthplace of many Racette families. Almost 250 participants. Publication of a study on Jean Rasset by father Gérard Lebel, C.Ss.R. in the collection « Nos Ancêtres» from the magazine Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré (vol. 28).

In this picture from left to right : Roland Cantin, André F. Racette,
Sylvain Racette, Gilles Racette and Jacques Racette.

1995 :

First Regional Activity : Diner-Theatre at Gatineau (Quebec)

An Abitibi Theatre Company composed of Jean Rasset descendants plays an original theater piece for fifty members of the Association.


First Grand Family Reunion in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, near Quebec.

Almost 300 participants.

Visit of the ancestral land which is owned by descendants of Jean Rasset for ten generations. The owner, François Racette is operating a dairy farm along the St-Laurence River. Banquet, variety show and mass at St-Augustin-de-Desmaures church.

1993 :

First General Meeting of the Association des familles Rasset at Longueuil (Quebec)

Twenty six participants approve the organization of the first grand reunion of the Racette families. Formation of several committees (Genealogy, Recruitment, etc.) Publication of the first Family Association Bulletin that will be printed every three months.

1992 :

First meeting of the Family Racettes in Montreal (Quebec)

In June 17, 1992, eleven pioneers sat down to put together the Racette Family Association. Three reunions later, fifteen of us are putting together the Rasset Family Association to regroup all the descendants of Jean Rasset in North America and promote the exchange of genealogical information within the umbrella of the Fédération des familles souches québécoises.